Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Surprise Purchase!

Well, Part 2 of Greening the Greenhouse will have to wait for another day. The pipe elbow part I got in town ALMOST fit, but there was a teeny tiny leak at the connection to the pipe, so we had to go back into town this evening to get a different replacement part. SO, hopefully, the greenhouse will be completed tomorrow.

But, as promised, I am going to tell you about my SURPRISE PURCHASE! I told Mr. Nature yesterday that if I had to go into town to the Grange/hardware store, I might come back with a little more than sprinkler plumbing parts. And that was the truth. In addition to the pipe elbow and faucet parts, I came home with:

A feeder, a waterer, a heat lamp bulb, 20# wild bird seed, 50# organic poultry starter, 10cu ft of bedding, and
Chick, Chick, and Chick. The cutest little Rhode Island Reds in the neighborhood!Today, they went outside in their carrier (borrowed from the cat) to see what it's all about. They are still too small to live outdoors in their own home, so they spend their nights in a box in the laundry room under the warming lamp. Last night went very well, and they are quite happy. Amilia is loving being their new mom.

We have been undecided about whether to have chickens, or to just stick to gardening only this year. We do not yet have a proper coop built, but we do have some large caging and some unused lumber odds and ends around the place with which we can fashion a structure. I decided that even if we ultimately decide not to keep our own chickens, the experience of raising them for a time will be invaluable for all of us. We will gain experience, and Amilia will get to expand her knowledge base as well. We have had sheep and goats, so now it is time to try our hand at chickens.

The wild bird food was, of course, for the wild birds.

We have bird families who return each year expecting

to find food and water in their customary locations.

Maybe they will raise their babies again this year in

our bird houses.

Happy Birding!


SLColman said...

How fun!!
- Stephanie @

Russell said...

What a wonderful post. It brings back such warm memories. I was raised in the city. I bought a house in the country and the fun began.
We hatched our own eggs. The girls were fascinated by that. So was I.
We started to collect farm animals of all sorts.
Sorry to say,I am back in the city.
Thanks for the memory jog.