Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turbulence Thursday

Well, I did dump the infected software and install corrective measures, but the attempted attacks continued (at least my protective shield caught them this time) and I have found that there was a hidden bit of infected file that did not uninstall with the rest. There is a lock on it so I cannot uninstall it myself, SO, I am going to have to get professional help.

As a result, I will be doing no ecard drops until fixed, and will be slower in responding to email and ecard ad requests. My techie is unavailable for a few days...

So, here are the things that are on my list. These are all OFFLINE activities, so I ought to be here less anyway! Yesterday, I was caught in a freak snowstorm that shut down traffic while I was on my way to the nursery for more seeds, so I had to turn back home with none.

1. Dig out the broken pipe in the greenhouse and attach new elbow and new pipe so we can turn the outside water back on in order to water our new plants

2. Turn the garden beds and apply compost

3. Re-configure wire portable fencing that goes around the garden beds for extra critter protection. They are in circles now, and we are changing them to rectangles so they interfere less with planting space

4. Continue planting cool weather plants

5. Weed the garlic bed

6. Continue the task begun the other day to clear the spa deck of dead plants and wind debris. Plant a dwarf fruit tree to replace the ornamental tree that was dead

7. Sprinkle lettuce seeds in the planter boxes that will make up my 'kitchen garden'

8. Weed the strawberry and blackberry beds

9. Replant all aloe vera plants, separating new plants into their own pots

10. Finish pruning roses, apple trees, and grapevines (It is almost too late, but they have not begun to bud yet, so hopefully we have about another week)

The list continues, but that is plenty for now!

I leave you with a photo of our goat, aptly named Patches

who went to a new home with other goat friends when we moved from

The Ranch to our current abode, Deer Palace.


KayzKreationz said...

Hope you can get it fixed. And it sounds like you've got a busy day or few days ahead of you anyway. :)

Small Footprints said...

Patches is adorable! Sorry about your virus! I hate it when things like that happen ... and it makes me angry ... I really don't get why someone would do that. I hope your computer is back up, and virus free, soon!

BTW ... I love your blog! Really nice!

Small Footprints