Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winter's Death Rattle

Well, there wasn't really much rattling. Winter really didn't give much of a last fight today. The weather was warm and sunny with some looming clouds in late evening. I finished clearing the front deck today. Remember these?
Now they look like this:

They will soon hold climbing beans or peas and some lettuces. The arbor above the deck is now clear of dead plant matter.

I would love to plant some wisteria to bring back the overhead beautification, but we have not yet settled on that plan. I'll keep you posted. I know, you are waiting with baited breath!

The fun find of the day was a bird nest that had been hidden in all that dead tangle. I saved it and placed it on one of the eaves in a small decorative bird house. I permanently hinged the door open so any bird who wants to use the nest may feel welcome. I doubt we will have any takers because it is probably now more visible to predators.

The onions and carrots are happily growing away in the garden patch. They overwintered there as an experiment, and I am happy they have fared so well. They were mulched with fallen leaves to protect them, but they were also covered every night with old sheets and uncovered every day that was above freezing or had a hint of peeking sun. I have never tried carrots, so I am excited that they are still hanging in there!

The twigs and branches make it harder to see the onion tops, but they are there to keep the cats and other critters out of the garden patch. They really do a pretty good job, and I don't have to spray any chemicals or other nasties to fend off unwanted guests.

Now, lights out on winter...


Splendid Little Stars said...

goodbye, Winter!
Once a bird made a nest in a small glass bowl sitting on a shelf in a cabinet of our garage. We could see the baby birds at eye level. very cool. We had to leave the cabinet door and the garage door open till the fledglings flew away.

SLColman said...

What a great find with that birds nest! I think that wisteria would be simply stunning on that arbor :) Can not wait to see it there!!
- Stephanie @

Peggy said...

Spring is springing up everywhere! Looks like you are enjoying it.