Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My planned post about moving forward in the gardens was preempted by the silently creeping disaster in my garage. This morning, when I went to the garage to feed the cat and get something from the outdoor fridge, I was met with WATER. ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I unknowingly stepped out and splish! Luckily, I had put on real shoes for the foray. Here is what I saw...

Recently, we had taken a box of photos out of storage and rummaged through it. When I put it back in the garage, it was too heavy for me to lift back to its storage spot alone, so I just slid it on the floor to a temporary spot with some of the toy bins. The temporary spot was RIGHT IN THE WATER!
As you see, by the time I discovered the water, the box of photos was drowning and silently sending pleas for help. We ripped the top open and began to see if we could salvage the contents.
Just one box holds SO MANY PHOTOS! We had them spread on towels all over the living room, down the hall, and on the floor of one of the bedrooms. All that we spread out were wet. Some were left relatively unscathed. Others are worse for the wear. Very few of them were a complete loss. Those that were too far gone were lucky enough to have a double or to be on a memory disc. Thank goodness for digital preservation!

What was the culprit, you ask? The decrepit tubing from the Stone Age that supplies the outdoor fridge's ice maker with water. It retired last night. It did not give notice. It did not first seek a replacement. The ec0nomy being what it is right now, there is plenty of out of work tubing that would have been happy to step in and do the job. Soon, we will employ some. For now, the blended tropical drinks are on lay-off. Likewise the ice tray.

Murphy's Law?
When the temperature guage makes a
sudden and unexpected jump to 90+ for
multiple days, the ice maker takes itself
out of commission.
Those are the breaks!


SLColman said...

OMGosh!! I hope that you are able to save many many photos!!

Mrs Mecomber said...

From one flood victim to another, my sympathies! I'm so glad you saved most of your photos, though.

Mrs. Mecomber

Tammy said...

Oh - so awful - glad you could salvage most of the pictures though.