Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lightness of Being

I apologize for my extended absence. My overpaid (okay, REALLLLLLY UNDERPAID) I.T. expert (my brother) has now corrected my problem, and has set me on the road to tech recovery. Let us all give him THREE CHEERS for saving the day. I reallllllly appreciate his expertise!!
So, now it is on to my thoughts in the world. Winter certainly has taken its time in heeding my request to release its hold and allow spring to take over. All across the states, there have been tornados, severe thunder storms, ice, sleet, snow, and rain. Here, we have alternated between snow, hail, sun, rain, warmth, and cold. The above flowers are new in my yard...below are the pear blossoms.
Today is the first day in weeks that it has really felt like spring. The thermometer guage tipped 70 degrees and the sun was bright and sparkly in a clear blue sky. The latest seedlings have sprouted, and are ready for transplanting.

It was a day for drinking cold tropical beverages
and tending the gardens. It was the first day this year that I felt like sloughing off my skin to emerge dust-free and renewed. Our dog, Kate, felt the same! Here is how I helped her feel a little lighter:

We only scratched the surface...there is plenty more hair where that came from! I might have to make some more felted dog hair creations...

The bees on my apple blossoms (and me, too) wish you a very happy spring lightness of being.


Rumpleteazer said...

Lovely pictures! It is starting to look like Spring here in the UK, but doesn't really feel like it!

SLColman said...

Great pictures!! So glad to have you back!

Sinclair said...

Thank you for the comments. It is good to be back! I missed reading your blogs, and posting also.

Splendid Little Stars said...

What lovely flowers! Spring is beautiful where I live, too. Even though it rained all day today, it was a joy to see the abounding beauty and lushness of Spring.