Monday, April 27, 2009

No GMO challenge shopping...

Today, I am to post at the NO GMO challenge site. There is a blog carnival there that you might find of interest. In the spirit of GMO avoidance, today was town shopping day, so I am going to share with you my shopping receipt.

Bulk Foods: (all are organic)
sea salt
unbleached wheat bread flour

Dairy: (all organic)
Nancy's nonfat plain organic yogurt (yes, from cows)
Organic NON-HOMOGENIZED cream-top milk (from cows because I am still on the lookout for organic/organically fed goat's milk)

Produce: (all organic)
daikon radish
red onion
yellow onion
russet potatoes
cameo apples
fuji apples
packham pears

General grocery:
organic unfiltered 100% apple juice, not from concentrate
san pellegrino sparkling water

General grocery, non food:
Planet dishwasher powder; phosphate free, no dyes or perfumes, biodegradable. (I have also heard that using salt and vinegar will work, but I don't know how to make that compatible with my dishwasher, so haven't taken that leap yet.

plastic wrap, because I still have to cover my rising bread with something and haven't figured out what else might work

That's it. I did not purchase any chips, which I normally love. I had it down to plain chips (potato or corn varieties) with no extraneous ingredients. I am phasing out chips altogether, however, because I cannot support Frito Lay, I do not want to ingest acrylamides or Acrylaway, and I almost all corn these days seems to be GMO corn. I did not purchase any processed or packaged food at all, except the dairy products and drinks (juice/pellegrino). Oh, and the plastic wrap and dish detergent. Those are also on the eventual phase-out list also. We only use the dishwasher about once a week anyway. Usually handwash.

As I have said, it is an ongoing process.
It gets easier to cut something more out
each time we are used to the lack of the
last things we cut.
Have you taken the NO GMO challenge?

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SLColman said...

I think that you have done a great job on this challenge!