Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Housekeeping

Just a few items today that I am pondering...

1. Who can tell me what kind of plant/flower this is? (post-edit: they are a type of tulip)
2. Who can tell me why my hard-earned Google page rank of 2 is no longer showing on my page, and when I go to Page Rank checker, it says it is N/A???

3. Who can tell me when my chickens should move from poultry starter to other food? By the way, I think I actually have 2 hens and one rooster...Chick seems to have a larger comb than Chick and Chick.4. Is it time for me to change my page banner for a bit of a different look? I am not going to change the background or other page elements right now (except that I have changed the background to a springy pale yellow), but perhaps sprucing up the banner a bit for spring is in order?

5. A BIG THANK YOU to my growing number of followers and readers. I enjoy visiting and following those of you with blogs as well.

Happy Sunday!


Nancy said...

Hmmm. Question 1: don't know
Question 2: don't know
Question 3: don't know
Question 4: don't know
Question 5: oh, no question.
Boy I'm a big help, huh? I think your chicks are still too young to take off the starter. Notice I said "I think." Good luck on the answers! Have a great week.

Girl_Industries said...

I have no idea about any of your questions but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy dropping in to read your blog. And I am very jealous of your having chickens!

Jackie Styles said...

Chickens aye?

Well at least you'll have some eggs to throw come Halloween. And surely Michael should have no problems building a coop.

Watch out for egg suckin' dogs is all...