Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

The other day on "town day," we went to our favorite park for a lifting of spirits. I photographed Amilia on the swings in sports mode...

The swings are her favorite. She squeals in delight and yells "WOOOHOOOO" AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. I'm sure the other park tenants are so happy to hear the incessant vocals. She leans back and closes her eyes and smiles a very large smile. She is completely present ONLY in the moment, in the movement, in the wind on her face. Watching her, I can travel back there vicariously for just a speck.

In a tree overlooking the playground lives an owl. This owl is always there in the daytime watching over the goings on from its sentry box. It just looks like a large goiter on the tree if you don't know it is there. It is fun to watch those who know looking up to say hello, and those who do not know mutter to each other in wonder. What are they looking at?

My little digital camera was pushed to its limits to capture the image even this well. I have to remember to take my 35mm and telephoto lens sometime to give a better visual. You can almost see that there are two trees intertwined. We call it The Owl at Two Trees in the park.

I would bet that this owl also thinks only of the moment, the children, the sun, the breeze blowing through its trees.

I will try it more often. After all, as my mom always said, "in 100 years, will the (whatever it is) you are worried about even matter?"

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Duni said...

I almost didn't see the owl! What a cool place to observe things from....