Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wine Tasting at Deer Palace

On Sunday, Amilia went 3.5 miles up the road to spend the afternoon with her Papa (my FIL). As Mr. Nature and I were driving back home from dropping her off, we saw some baskers at a picnic table on the lawn of a local vineyard, tasting the wares. It looked like such a perfect way to spend a quiet, sunny afternoon!

We live in an area that has been a growing wine region for the last 15 years, and we pass 3 vineyards to get to Papa's house. One is large and sprawling with beautiful grounds and a shiny new building for tasting and events. Another is a modest plot with a small building and some open, Hula Grass (or is it Tiki Grass?) awning huts with tables for feeling elegant while sipping, slurping, and swirling. The last is a place where people live. They have a small vineyard and boutique winery, bottling, and tasting space. Patrons just basically pull up in the driveway and hang out at the front yard picnic table. This was the abode at which we saw the fun-seekers.
Tasting is how much these days???? $5-15 per person? Plus bottle purchase? Pressure of purchase and all that. Hold the stem just so. Follow the tasting rules. We decided to gather our current favorite and have a tasting of our own. At home. Where we do not have to feel pressure or follow rules. We are free to admire the beauty of the view in our own front yard.
I can wear my Simple shoes that would be the first thing thrown out of my closet if I were to appear on "What Not to Wear."Where we could watch our chickens take their first dirt bath.Where the wild birds are still busily building their nest in the tall safety of the bird castle in the sky. And the wine we drink is organic, as it would not be at any of those three vineyards/tasting rooms passed on our drive.

It was the best Tasting I have ever attended.

The wine we drink is Radical Red by Organic Wine Works
of Felton, CA. It is vegan, organic, and sulfite free (no added sulfites)!
And tasty, too.

*We also like Our Daily Red at times. Trader Joe's carries it as Well Red.


earthtoholly.com said...

I don't blame you...I'd do the same. It looks like your view would be hard to beat. And who wouldn't rather sip wine in comfortable shoes while watching their chicks???

What a neat blog you have...I love it! :o)

Nancy said...

It is a beautiful view and I love the chicks! Also like your new banner. You've been busy! Re: the shoes, my sisters think my Earth shoes and Birks are ugly but my feet love them!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a view! and one's own wine tasting, too! lovely.
Oregon is so beautiful!

SLColman said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon!