Thursday, April 23, 2009

Works in Progress: Greening the Workshop/Studio

I suppose I will never fall prey to the Devil's Workshop because, with all this work to be done, these hands will never be idle! The list grows like lichen on a pine tree, and the sun is moving so fast to grow the tangle that I can barely keep the pace. Luckily, I enjoy working outdoors much more than being indoors. Remember the Greening the Greenhouse project? Well, now it is time to tackle Greening the Workshop. Wish me luck!I do not plan to empty the place completely as I did with the greenhouse, but to go far enough that we can make a semblance of order and establish a place for things so that they may be found when needed. Right now, my goal is to uncover enough wood/lumber to make our chicken coop. Or to almost complete it, at least.I would also like to be able to hang the garden tools for ease of locating...
I do not have illusions that this project will be complete anytime soon, but certainly will keep you posted on my progress...

Meanwhile, Blondie, Goldie, and Big Daddy could give a whit...they are happily pecking up the ground. It is wonderful fun to watch these little birds scratch around the grounds. They met Seuss (our 12-year-old black cat) yesterday. He didn't even lift a paw in their direction. They practically walked on him when passing by, and he paid them no attention whatsoever. YAY!
Our other cat, Striper, was the one I worried about regarding the safety of the chicks. Sadly, I do not have to worry anymore because he has been missing since April 2. No sign of him anywhere. No neighbors have spotted him. He heeds no call. We hope he is alive and well.

"I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed . . . equally well." Johann Bach

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Splendid Little Stars said...

wishing you tons of luck with that project!
Once my daughter's cat went missing for 10 days, but then came back. She had had an adventure but wasn't telling about it. Here's hoping Striper returns.