Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birdy arrived in Germany!

I was visiting a blog called Lovely Purses on my regular blog rounds yesterday, and to my surprise, I was the subject of the post. Or rather, Birdy (from Crafting it Forward) was the subject. The photographs taken of my packaging and of Birdy are lovely there, and I am pleased that Duni liked my creation.

In fact, she chose to affix the ribbon and use Birdy as a hanging ornament instead of a pincushion. In actuality, that was what the pattern originally intended, and I must agree that she was too sweet to be stabbed with pins. Amilia was sad when I mailed Birdy off, but she was happy to see she had found a good home, and she enjoyed looking at photos of her arrival in Germany. She is a travelled European bird now.

I have been thinking about my wish list and thought I would share:
1. A serger for more professional seams
2. A Nikon D90 SLR
3. A VitaMix
4. A manual wheatgrass juicer

What is on your wish list?



Small Footprints said...

I love the whole "craft it forward" concept ... what fun! Your little bird is sweet and how cool to know that it's residing in Germany!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

citydiggity said...

I did a lot of sewing in high school but not much since. I recently decided to try getting back into it and bought a new machine and have put a serger on my wish list for the future. Cheers!

Deb G said...

Well, I know I'm going to need a new camera soon. I want a few more fruit trees to replace shrubs that died over the winter. And a team of gardeners to come pull weeds for the day!

Regarding seams, for clothes made out of woven materials I usually do French seams. Love them!