Friday, May 1, 2009

Ciphering the Code

I was torn out of sleep by the following percolating thoughts in the pre-dawn hours when no self-respecting rooster would even crow. A recurring theme in my life has been an inability to cipher the combination on the padlock of Life.

While others have found their Right 36, Left 22, Right 3 combination with lightning speed, I am still wondering if I even found the correct locker. While they are lugging backpacks filled with Calculus, Physics and Biology, I am trying to locate the Electives Pamphlet and choose between Sewing and Creative Writing.

While they are planning college courses and taking SATs, I am reading Bronte and Steinbeck, playing chess at lunch, and rehearsing for the spring musical. While I am contemplating which of the 27 possible careers that interest me most will provide ultimate happiness and fulfillment while still delivering ample income, they are off getting a Major AND a Minor in That Which Will Assure a Good Credit Rating, Provide a House, Support 3 Children, and Allow Awesome Vacations of 2 Weeks per Year. (that is a LONG name for a Major) I didn't even SEE that one on my curriculum sheet! So I try another locker. Each time I crack a combination, I think it will finally be the FINAL one.

But here is what I am coming to realize;
The campus I wanted to attend offered:
  • The Pastoral Existence of mid-1800's America
  • The Idyllic Community of a Norman Rockwell Painting
  • The Racial and Gender Equality of 2025
  • The Undiluted Freedoms of 1790 America as Awarded By Our Scrappy Ancestors and Founding Forefathers
  • The Medical Technology of 2009 Without the Attendant Pharmaceutical Greed
  • The Internet
However, I think that campus was demolished in the early 1900's to make way for the Automobile Assembly Line and the Consumer Economy. I missed that memo.

So, MY locker on MY chosen campus doesn't even exist! But I am unwilling to lug Physics books and add myself to the teeming numbers of miserable, unhappy souls hating every day from 8-5 and living only for weekends and that glittering 2 weeks. (not to impugn those of you who DO enjoy Physics and a lifelong career, but this post is not really about your pursuits)

My soul needs to be fed and nourished daily or it withers. I am not the shape of a pre-made factory cookie cutter. I cannot be pressed into an existing mold (or even a mould). The world is anything but a static environment, so I must not become complacent.

I have found the correct combination to the locker of Family, Spouse & Children and Relationship with The Father. I have honed in on the combination to the locker of the View I Want From My Front Window. I am thumbing through the correct catalog for Creative & Artistic Endeavors and Sustainable Living.

For the rest, I travel the hallways of Life, locker after locker, testing combinations until I meet with my own personal Ultimate Success. Maybe I will then be able to publish a Michelin Guide of sorts to outline the best locker stops along the journey.

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