Saturday, May 23, 2009

DIY play house

Yesterday on my other blog, Sharing Our Gifts, I shared a story about some do it yourself play sets I found while surfing around the virtual world. Amilia liked them so much that we had to make one last night. She was so anxious to play with it that we did no decorating whatsoever. It was in use all day today, so still, no decorating. Soon we plan to cover the walls with pretty papers and "hang" photos from magazines on the walls. She wanted me to share with you her new house:Ours is not nearly so glamorous as that shown in Cookie magazine about a year ago, but Amilia loves it and says it's the best house I have ever given her. REALLY?? I tell you, it's the universal truth - children prefer cardboard boxes. Hands down.

I am now making the family a rag rug for their living room.



Anonymous said...

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Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm all for cardboard boxes! Really, Amilia, your new house is great! Be sure to show us that new rug your mom is making.

Golden Today said...

That is so cute!