Saturday, May 30, 2009

The heat has arrived

And with it, so has water time in the park arrived on schedule. When Amilia's friends called to say they would like her to meet them at the park, she was ready and willing! I was willing because this particular park is a lovely place to sit under a tree and knit or embroider while I watch her play. As is my usual practice when we arrive there, I leave Mr. Nature with Amilia at the park while I walk to the cafe for an iced coffee and a bagel to munch on at the park. After my walk, he sometimes walks to the scenic gardens.

On my pleasant walk, I pass the City Hall/Police Station:and other lovely historical homes in front of which were the public works guys who always say hello to passersby, planting new flowers on the corner:and the trolley waiting for passengers:until I arrive at my favorite coffee shop that serves the best bagels known to mankind. This place roasts its own beans, bakes all its own baked goods, and is locally owned.And on days like yesterday, when I have been feeling sorry for myself for some of life's stresses and burdens and economic woes, I think of the water and the park and the lovely walk, and I say a prayer of thanks for all the blessings in my life. And that I live in beautiful Stars Hollow, just like the Gilmore Girls.


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