Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspiration Road

For me, the road to inspiration is on the other side of my front door. All I need do when I need to find a little is to step outside and breathe and take it all in. We have had rain and temperatures in the 50's again for several days, but that just makes the morning all the more vibrant and beautiful.The dew sits on everything in nourishing droplets. My mind's eye sees the storybook faeries and tree nymphs prancing about and drinking deeply from the velvety flower petals.Nourishment for we human inhabitants is continuing to grow strong and healthy in the garden.Imagination fuel abounds. I believe that it is important to allow and encourage imagination. When I watch Amilia play and make up stories, I am equally inspired. It is important for my creative self to absorb natural surroundings and draw from them in all that I do.

So, look closely as you go about your day and find the sources of your inspiration. Do you find it in nature, or in some other place? After my walk, I was again inspired to work indoors on my sewing projects!



Cheryl Kugler said...

I agree with you that inspiration is all around us. Love the warm colors of the hen; and the white of the daisy. Thanks for sharing pics from your yard. All are very nice and so colorful!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Everything is so verdant here because of lots of rain and some sunshine. The world is lush and decorated with blooms. The air is fragrant. It's a wonderful time to be alive.