Saturday, May 16, 2009

A lesson of sorts...

What I hate:

That I went out for pizza last night, and it meant that I violated my NO-GMO challenge pledge. BECAUSE, pizza parlor pizza is anything but organically grown, local fresh, or free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms. While wheat is not a GMO crop, several ingredients in baked goods (the crust) such as oils lecithin, or ascorbic acid or corn syrup often are derived from GMO crops. Since I didn't ask for a crust ingredient list, I am unsure about what I ate...unlike me these days, but sometimes you just have to grab a veggie pizza!

And, that I sat by the MEAN MEAN vending machine otherwise known as The Claw. This little goodie pays the Vendor his livelihood in tears. He earns quarters 2 by 2 from the tears rolling down the cheeks of the gamblers in training (GIT). It was agonizing to watch. It got worse when said gamblers-in-training employed the help of an Elder because they "weren't good enough to make it work." Here is where their plan was awry: Said Elder couldn't even figure out how to put the coins into the money receptacle for a good 3.5 minutes. He was down on his knees in front of the thing, feeling around and bowing his head. I didn't know if he was going to pray or play. GIT #1 guided his hands to the correct slot, the quarters slid in x2, and the game was over. He hadn't even regained his feet to PLAY the game before it was over. He didn't even know what had happened. Tears flowing freely from GIT #2. That was his man, his ace in the hole, his NUMBER ONE, his Great Hope. Dashed. No crappy fuzzy thing in the shape of a dog, cat, or frog was dropping down the chute. GAME OVER.

Now, what made this entire scenario worse was that Elder then yelled at the child for crying. I mean YELLED. Where the whole place could hear, and that took some doing 'cuz it was loud and crowded. Probably covering up his own wounded pride. But nonetheless, he tells GIT #2 that he should never have played the ripoff game in the first place. Nobody ever wins. They are a ripoff. Quit snivelling and get over it.

Seems to me, Wise Elder might have been wiser to ward off the game in the first place. Explain why we will not lose our quarters 2 by 2 to NOT win a toy that we wouldn't even want to BUY if we saw it on a store shelf. If entertainment must be had in the arcade section, guide the lad to the Pole Position game and teach him how to navigate a race track. At least he would have something for his money and we wouldn't be in this predicament.

Or tell him to save his quarters for the next time he is at (supply store name) where he could purchase something he actually wanted. Now, Wise Elder, let us remember who prayed in front of the machine and placed those quarters in the slot in the first place. It was YOU. So don't blame GIT #2 for the tears you helped to supply. GIT #1 & 2 learned a lesson last eve, but I am not sure that they (or I) know which lesson was learned.

What I love:

That my sandwich this afternoon was crafted with lettuce from my very own front porch Kitchen Garden.
And that Amilia didn't even glance longingly in the direction of The Claw or other arcade games.

Happy Saturday evening to all!



Lucy said...

Thats some beautiful lettuce that you grew there. You should do a post on how to do an indoor garden. Id love to know that info.

Amanda said...

Beautiful lettuce!