Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pincushion crazy...

I have not done much in the garden for a few days because I have been busy with chores, trips to town, and embroidering more pincushions. Of course, we are watering daily, and the chickens get to range the yard daily, but no other outdoor work has been accomplished. I am behind on sowing my warm weather vegetables, but they like to be sown directly into the soil, and it has still been cold and windy many days. Yesterday, I purchased a started summer squash and a zuchini.

As a result of my Crafting It Forward agreement, my sweet birdy pincushion is on its way to a new home in Germany. Amilia's tiny stuffed duck (Ducky) was sorry to see it go, as he said he was happy to finally have a bird friend. I told him I would make him another one.What I made yesterday were these cute little mini pincushions. I have been planning them since last summer when I saved every plastic beverage bottle cap I could find for my upcycling pincushion project. My birdy success reminded me to dig out the saved lids. These are made from upcycled and natural materials. The lids, of course, are plastic (upcycled). The thread is cotton embroidery thread. The material for the bodies is 100% wool that began life as two Gap cardigan sweaters. (felted and upcycled) They are stuffed with washed raw wool from my LYS (local yarn store). I always keep a few ounces on hand for projects.They are different sizes and heights because the plastic lids are from different sources. The one on my finger is from a Dasani 20 oz. water bottle lid, and the one in blue above is from a different brand of water, also 20 oz size. (It is the only one made to fit on a finger. The other two are solid bottomed, and just sit flat on any surface.) The larger one, below, is from an entirely different type water bottle, gallon sized. I used my Dremel tool to drill holes in several of the caps so I could make cushions that could be held on a finger while sewing. I then used a large-eye needle to thread a narrow round elastic through the bottom, and through the wool as well.These were fun to make, the finger one is fun to wear, and I will be making several more of these in the weeks to come. I will stock my shop with them when I am selling again on Etsy and Artfire. I think I will also be using them as gifts in the future. They certainly liven up the sewing table!



Duni said...

Oh! these are cute! What a great idea. I can't wait for my birdy - way too pretty to stick pins in :)

We've planted some zucchini and cherry tomatoes. I do hope we'll get some warmer weather soon!!!

take care


Linda said...

Those are just Darling!