Monday, May 25, 2009

The Rag Rug

As mentioned in my DIY play house post, I was making a rag rug for the people of the house. I took three of Amilia's old t-shirts that were in my fabric bin and cut each of them in a circular fashion around and around from the bottom up to give a continuous strand of "yarn" with which to work. After cutting, the shirts looked like this:And I had rag yarn to work with in three piles.I safety pinned the three strands together at one end, anchored that safety pin to a cushion for stability, and then began to braid.Soon, I had a long strand of braiding.I continued to braid until I reached the end of the shortest strand, then I safety pinned that end and cut off the excess. I then went to my sewing machine and sewed across each end to hold the strands in place and keep from raveling. Then, I got my needle and thread and began to turn it into a rug by hand stitching. I held the end and bent it toward the braid and tacked it with a stitch.

I continued to attach the braid to itself in a circle until I had reached the size I wanted for the doll house. I then sewed a cross seam on the place I wanted to stop, and cut off the excess braid. I have a very long braid left over to use for another project. The small round rug for the doll house is loved by the cats. There were 9 toy animals lined up to try it out!
I am pleased with the result, and Amilia was happy as well. I really like the way the colors mixed and turned into a summer-day-strawberries-and-mint-ice-cream scoop.

With my first attempt behind me, I can now experiment with larger
rag rug projects - yay!



SLColman said...

Very cool project! It looks perfect for the doll house :)

Nancy said...

I have been thinking about rag rugs lately, and tearing my rags up, and here you had the same idea! You've encouraged me to get with it! Thanks! I like the colors in yours.

Lenox Knits said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing the process. I'm tempted to try my hand at it myself.