Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Saturday Search for Striper

yielded no result. Yesterday, I had photos of him printed so that today we were ready to canvas the neighborhood. Just after lunch, we donned our walking shoes and headed out.
We crossed our footbridge without even seeking permission from the resident troll,and went the 2/10 of a mile to the paved part of the neighborhood road. Here we passed the sign that says "Private Drive, dead end, no turn around". What it means is "there is a fork in the road up ahead and you will have to walk about a mile on each one to reach the end at somebody's driveway."
We chose the left fork because it is the one closest to our house and seemed the most likely path for a disloyal cat to trek. Houses 1 & 2 were Saturday unoccupied. House 3 was guarded by two very vocal dogs, and was also unattended. On we went to meet orange construction shirt with weedeater, two pit bulls, a new kitten named Lucy, a calico tabby, and a fat, lumbering striped tabby who was not in the mood to chat.

At pitbull&newkittennamedLucy, Ms. Older Gravelly Voice and Kind Eyes said she had not seen our cat, but her unaltered male tomcat had also mysteriously gone missing about 4 weeks ago. At calico tabby, Mr. Long Gray Hair and Knee-high Suede Mocassin Boots said he had not seen our cat, but his unaltered male tomcat had also been mysteriously missing for about 5 weeks. Coincidence? We left our phone number.

At fat, lumbering, sullen striped tabby, we did not see any people, but we did see an interesting gate, a doorknocker that I will attempt to recreate, a No Trespassing sign, and the end of the road.We turned back toward home with our longsleeved shirts tied around our waists (we had on tanks underneath! sheesh). At house #3 guarded by dogs, the people had arrived back home and have not seen our cat. At house #2, the lady was just pulling in from a trip to town and has not seen our cat. House #1 was still empty, but an older widow lives there, and I doubt that is the place. We had a nice walk and saw more beautiful scenery and grazing deer, but no disloyal cats named Striper. After we were back home, I finished the search by driving the mile the other direction to the local small grocery and placed a photo and phone number on the bulletin board.

If he doesn't come back, at least we know he is alive
and is with somebody who seeks veterinary care.


Pete Morse said...

What a great post, I smiled all the way through "your walk"

Nancy said...

I, too, enjoyed the walk and the people and animals you met!