Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharing found Treasures

I found this photo on a blog called Beelieve. I got permission to post it here. In getting permission, I found out that Karen, the blog creator, painted the Frog Crossing sign when she was a child. For me, that makes her collection of things on this porch all the more special!

This blog is a must read, and I have to thank one of my other favorites, Bee Creative, for directing me there from her blogroll.

At Beelieve, there is a warm serenity that oozes the sharing of beautiful. Beautiful thoughts, sights, art, family, and a little bit of mystery. The photo mentioned above is from this post, and when my daughter saw the photos in the post, she came running from across the room and said, "where did you find that beautiful photo" and "where is that place?"

Oh, man, do I need a better camera! I see beauty all around me, but the camera at my disposal does not generally translate that beauty to exacting standards.

Anyway, go visit and be lifted in thought and feeling.


(reprinted from my sister blog, Sharing Our Gifts)

3 comments: said...

I just love these kinds of, bottles, glass, anything really. I guess it's the kid in me. Thanks for the links!

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Check out a blog that I did on buying a box at a tag sale for only $1.00. I enjoyed your story.

Deb G said...

Karen does do some really fun things, doesn't she?