Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swingin' Success

I finally rolled up my sleeves and got the job done! Remember when I said I was making cushion covers for my porch swing (all the way back on April 30)? Now, I have finally finished.
The lighting was wrong when I took the above photo because the swing is on the West deck and it was the wrong time of day to take it...
So here is the closeup of the back cushions and yellow throw pillow. But those just didn't give it enough spice, and as you can see, that arm rest looks a bit dangerous for a bare arm, so...I made padded armrests.With ribbon ties.And more pillows.And then we tried it out. And we pondered whether sitting on the porch swing really does solve all one's problems.

We concluded that it probably does not,
but it certainly makes them dissolve
from the foreground.



Roz Andrews said...

How wonderful to have a swing on your porch - it must be so relaxing to sit there and watch the world go by!

The covers are fantastic - they look great!

Best wishes,


Rumpleteazer said...

Great job you've done there! I would so love to have love a porch to sit and relax. said...

Very good job. And porch swings do let you forget your worries for awhile :)

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Reminds me we have a swing in need of some new cushions too