Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Taking back the Terrace is this week's task. I have been so busy with multiple outdoor projects that have all been in various states of completion and transformation that I have caused an outdoor chaotic mess of a view. So, now it is time to pull it all back together and put some projects to rest. I have worked on this cleanup and weeding our back terraces for the last two days, and let me say, my hands are sore! Who knew that too much pincer grip would overwork the thumb muscle to painful levels?

In other news, Amilia fell off the park swing yesterday in mid-lift. She is okay, but it was enough that I got a doctor's second opinion, just to make sure. She was trying to tell her dad something that he could not hear, and just after he pushed her forward on an upswing, she let go with one hand and attempted to turn around in the swing to yell her message.

Except she flipped off the apparatus backward in mid swing, and the message stayed in her throat. HOLD ON AT ALL TIMES is a lesson we thought she had already learned, but I think its importance was driven home by this event. She is only slightly worse for the wear, sporting some scratches from the woodchips on her ear, shoulder, elbow, knee, and hand. I am thankful she was mostly unharmed.AND, Sriper once again returned home on Friday. AND he was without the collar I put on him when he came home last time. So, he is now confined indoors for at least 14 days, just the same as we did when we moved from one house to another. He has to again be "homed" to this location, and hopefully, he will not go out and get himself kidnapped again. Strangely, he now looks for "caves" to hide in, and does not like to be out in the open. Was he in a place with a dog? Were they mean to him? If only he had a black box from which to retrieve information!

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