Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild Turkey

The wild turkeys have returned. Last fall, they were here feeding on our front acre with their 8 babies. In the winter, we saw them all flocking around together as well. Now, they are without last year's offspring, and Mr. Turkey is feeling twitterpated.

I couldn't get close enough to really do it justice with my little substandard digital camera, but here he is strutting his stuff in my driveway for the lady near my garden.She is much less showy, and seemed unconcerned about his angst.
She just pecked around the grass and pretended that she didn't even know he was there. Meanwhile, he was parading around in circles very slowly, showing off his ruffly feathers and colorful visage and making a very strange grunting sound.

I love living where wildlife can be observed in my front yard! It is so rewarding to step outside some days and find pleasant surprises. I am sure we have not seen the last of these two, but I do hope they do not discover my teeny new seedlings, or enter my fenced garden area!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Splendid Little Stars said...

hilarious! Isn't nature marvelous?!

Flight Fancy said...

That's so cool! We have a large population of deer and pheasant living in our backyard. Theyre fun to watch until the deer start eating my garden. :)

Linda said...

What an awesome site to see in your own yard!

KayzKreationz said...

That's some great pics. My DH got a couple of great shots of about 8 turkey in our back pasture, right behind our house last fall. Haven't gotten any of them yet this spring. But we've got tons of deer that come up to our water trough behind the house and then of course, right into the yard. Love it. Congrats on the pics.

SLColman said...

Wow how cool!!

Kim said...

They're beautiful! We had wild turkey's last year, but they don't seem to be returning this year. I loved hearing their calls everyday.