Saturday, June 6, 2009

Because we all should have...

...satin ribbon wrist streamers. Satin ribbon is a happy making substance if ever there were one! Babies love to snuggle satin-backed blankets and rub satin taggies. Children love ribbon wands and ribbon-streaming headdresses. Adults still love the feel, but rarely encounter it anymore. Because I prefer natural fabrics to synthetic, silk satin is preferable to nylon or polyester satin, but in this economy, I must admit that I am using Offray polyester satin ribbon from Joann's fabrics.So, I am taking Amilia's winter clothes that will be too small to wear again next winter, and I am altering them for summer. Usually, I donate to Goodwill or sell by consignment, but this year, I am stretching their use even further. So, I cut the sleeves off a few long-sleeve shirts and made short-sleeve t's, but I didn't want to waste the cuttings.

Thus was born the idea of ribbon wrist streamers. I had seen a vaguely similar product in a specialty toy store some time back, and they were $14.00. No way am I going to fork over such a sum for something I could make with materials already on hand! So I hemmed the raw edges, took in the seam a bit to make these fit more snugly, and attached ribbon.And they have been streaming around the house on a fairy and a very loudly whinnying horse ever since.
I might make myself a pair next. You know you want some!


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