Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Mr. Nature,
I am certain that I do not give you enough credit, in my blog or in life, for all that you do for our happy family and homestead. Your dedication, loyalty, and nurturing spirit have been tirelessly employed in the garden and around the grounds. Your daily watering and weeding have allowed our vegetables to thrive. Your encouragement and thoughtfulness have made it all enjoyable.

Who would have rescued Striper from his post way above my head when he was caught in the fence, if not for you? Who would turn our hard-earned garden bounty into scrumptious edibles, if not for you? Who would chase raccoons from the garage and foxes from the chicken coop at 4am? Who would open jars, knock down tippy-top wasp nests, mow the front acre, feed the cats, fix faucet leaks, clean out the tool shed, and dump the compost bin? With whom would I discuss theological questions? Who would make sure we learned historical facts?

You make us laugh with your pet names and your make believe. You make us sigh with your crooning. You make us feel safe with your hugs. You make us feel loved with all your selfless acts. You remind us to care for others before ourselves, and to always be kind. You inspire us. You display courtesy, chivalry and respect, and model for your family the meaning of the words 'loving father'. From the moment we met, and always, I am thankful for this blessing. You are appreciated more than we express.
Happy Father's Day, We love you!


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