Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There!

On the Information Superhighway, I mean. Looting, rioting, debauchery and mayhem. All's free in Internet and Blogdom, right? Well, that is what some do seem to think. I, being optimistic and believing in the goodness of humans, have been aware of all this possibility for thievery and destruction since I began to have an internet presence. But I have remained optimistic. I have been only somewhat protective. Digital image safety?

It is (sadly) the reason that you do not see current photos of the Nature family. If the photo is current, it is either profile, from the back, or I alter it in photoshop with dry brush or other filters. If it does show faces and is not altered, it is an old photo that no longer bears the correct likeness. I WANT to post the photos of my lovely family and even my not as lovely self for my readers and followers. But, as Danielle found out, that might land me on a supermarket window in Prague. Or worse.

Now, I would love to travel to Prague, but I want my physical self to be there, not just my digital likeness. Truly, I never thought many of my photos worthy of theft or use by anybody else, but one never knows. So, caution is the most prudent course of action. But until now, I have not really undertaken to protect my photos of non-human subjects, even though I have used some of them in the past for commercial purposes, and have placed a Copyright warning on my site.

But the forums on Etsy, among other places, do tell of the need for this added precaution. And one of my favorite bloggers, CJane has entirely blocked right-clicks from her blog due to content theft. So today you will begin to notice, if you have not already, that I have reduced the resolution on my photos and added watermarks. I am experimenting with my watermark and its placement, so comments are welcome. Also, if you have a suggestion about what pixel size and resolution setting is best, send it my way! Optimum internet safety without sacrificing creative expression is key.

Do you have the same concerns? I like to keep my head in the sand and only look at the beautifuls things, but sometimes we have to march through the jungle with our eyes open, and carry a big stick...



Splendid Little Stars said...

I have that concern also. It does need (unfortunately) to be addressed. Could not one erase a watermark in photoshop?

Sinclair said...

I have seen discussions about watermarks being erased, but the average individual is more deterred by watermark, since it poses a larger level of difficulty. Also, this is why I am experimenting with some watermarking that actually repetitively covers most of the image with the mark. I now think that even a small bit of protection from a single watermark is better than none at all.

*Stephanie* said...

I just made a new post and put up a picture, but think I should get rid of it now!
I want you to see it first though. :)