Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shadow Theatre Upcycled

Today, we had another power outage due to another afternoon thunderstorm and downpour.Despite this dreariness, NatureWithMe Players, in all marvelously eco-friendly naturey goodness, obtained a new-from-scrap-materials scrim for future shows. We braved the gargantuan raindrops to harvest some scrap wood from the shop (that has been cleaned and organized), and set to work. Please forgive the quality of some of the photos. It is really the quality of my camera and lighting that is lacking. Here is the photo essay:I do believe we will soon be able to take it on tour! But for now, we need to get the kinks out, and tone down the actor frustrations. For a limited time, see the videos here. Tomorrow, we will be adding new attempts at something a little more polished. I hope.

Meanwhile, for some absolutely fabulous (yes, I did just us the word fabulous) laser cut shadow theatre PUPPETS to purchase, visit Owly Shadow Puppets on Etsy.

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kayduen said...

That is so cute!