Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nature's Gifts

After yesterday's gruesome display, I thought we would visit some soothing sights. At the senior citizens' thrift shop the other day, I picked up this red checked tablecloth for $3.00. It was tied with the red/white/blue grosgrain ribbon that is now tied around my rustic ceramic jug. In the jug, I placed the flowering parts of my dukat dill from the garden. I thought these tied nicely with the colors of the red and yellow porch swing throw pillows.Today, the dill was all wilted and ready for the compost heap, so I clipped some new sprigs for the jug. I chose some peach tree limbs that had died out with unopened leaf buds on them, and some flowering parts of lamb's ear. In the smaller pot, I clipped some lavender for the kitchen counter. It is time to begin harvesting sprigs of lavender for drying anyway.I love the sweet little birds on this pot; they are a nice color match for lavender. And speaking of birds,this baby was calling for dinner this evening in one of our occupied bird houses. Unfortunately, due to limitations of my camera, you can only see the tip of his beak, and the color and clarity could be better.Then, mom came to the rescue! While this feeding was going on, we had two young bucks visiting the bottom acre for their dinner. Again, quality is not great, but I could not get any closer for fear of scaring them away. I was going to try to sneak closer to the fence so I could take it without fencing in the way,
but Striper and three chickens were following around my feet in a very noisily clucking meowing manner. I love when the deer visit, especially when I get a rare photo of a visiting buck. Today there were two, and they both had the beautiful velvet of new antlers.

Have a wonderful week!



Deb G said...

My lavender's just about ready too.

Your porch is looking very inviting.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Your photos of the birdhouse and flower pot are beautiful.

Linda said...

I must agree...Love the Birdhouse, and flower pot!