Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shadow Theatre

Last night, I attended a spectacular rendition of Lion King, produced by Amilia of NatureWithMe Players. The pre-show was performed by Mr. Nature, and was a dramatic reenactment of Christian the Lion set to Itzhak Perlman's rendition of the Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso.
As the honored guest, invited by the artists themselves, I was given a front row, center seat and a backstage pass.Their production was a highly sophisticated, technical masterpiece consisiting of one sheet hung over two chairs, a stool between the chairs upon which the animals could cavort, and a lamp in the background for illumination. The light shining correctly on the back of their scrim created the shadows.

Okay, so maybe NatureWithMe Players is not on the level of these guys, but I found the performance beautifully moving and quite satisfactory. Once I solve my firewire to USB adaptor problem, I will upload the video clip. If you like, you can make a shadow puppet theatre of your own. During the creation of this post, I found out that a professional travelling shadow theatre troupe will be performing close enough for us to attend later this month. Yay!

Happy Thespian Pursuits!

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Deb G said...

Oh what fun!