Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squashaphone, anyone?

I have two of these goodies fattening on the vine, and I am waiting for some of the stalks to be big enough to make a squashaphone. What is THAT, you ask? Well, in my new book called Log Cabin Cooking, there is a photo of two girls playing this "instrument" called a squashaphone that they made from squash stalks. I believe it to be similar to a pennywhistle (except, not made of tin). Instructions are included in the book and can be found by following the Log Cabin Cooking link in this paragraph.I have about 20 of these ripening on the vine, and I cannot wait until they are a succulent, juicy, perfect red so I can pluck them for salsa, sandwiches, sauces, and simply eating fresh in the garden. There are also cucumbers flowering, okra flowering, zucchini ripening, and watermelon almost flowering. I just put the 4 week old butternut squash and pumpkin seedlings out today, and, though they were seeded late, I hope they were in time to fruit before the first frost! The lingering cold of spring caused my lateness...Baby bird is poking itself further and further out of the house to get a look at the wide wide world. It is so cute, and I WISH I had a better camera with which to capture it in more close-up fashion! I almost caught it with its mouth gaping open and calling for mom, but the delay made me miss. Mom, however, was only circling above and looking nervous because I was too close. She wouldn't come in until I stepped away. The part I am nervous about is that last year, this was the age at which we lost the baby birds from this house to a large bird of prey. They stick themselves out there too far, and then SWOOOOOOP, SWOOOOSH, they are lunch.
Also, if the sweet birdy happened to lean out too far and fall out of his safe and cozy house, Striper Striper the Wondercat (who is learning his lesson and staying very low key these days) is hanging out in the wildflowersturnedweedpatch just under the apple tree - - - waiting for some excitement.
He loves succulent young birds.
Here's rootin' for baby bird to make it to maturity,
and all the veggies to ripen quicklike...


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Walk in the Woods said...

Oh my - I'm loving your garden! My squash plants (the ones that have survived all the wetness) are still small, as are my tomato plants. Anyway ... that looks like a little wren poking its head out! Sweet.