Monday, June 22, 2009

Striper Striper the Wondercat

I like to share with you all what beauty and kind sentiment I find in the world. In addition, I share information, odd tidbits, memories, progress, and events. In that spirit, I apologize to the more squeamish of you for sharing with you what my adventurous cat has shared with me - more than once. If your children are looking at the screen, send them away before you scroll down to this photo.

There have been snakes, birds, gophers, and now:

The tailless lizard. Mr. Nature caught Wondercat at this little game while the lizard was playing dead...and before the lizard was ACTUALLY dead. To date, we have several tailless lizards hiding in trepidation among the lavenders and junipers.What will be his next escapade?



redkathy said...

Oh better you than me dear!

Rumpleteazer said...

One of our cats has developed a particular skill in catching and killing moles, and we keep finding little mole corpes in the garden! Not nice!