Friday, June 5, 2009

There's a Snake in My Boot! at Deer Palace

Friday's post was created by Thursday. It began about the picking of 30 succulent tiny ripe strawberries just after the morning dew. And one dwarfish sweet red one.Then, it continued about how I have begun drying some shelling peas from my garden for seed saving (yay!) for next year's planting. Also, about my ingenuity in creating a barrier for whatever critter has been digging in one of my West Deck vegetable planters. The weird paper in there is the coffee filter mulch I am applying to ward off the pests that have been eating the pepper plants.It was continuing with an update on the peach tree and how, since it had been so reluctant to bloom, leaf, flower, or otherwise make itself lively, I thought it had died. But it now has leaves! The photo I wanted to share turned out blurry, so I have just this one:It took a turn when the afternoon thunderstorm began (for about the 6th day in a row) and Mr. Nature got into a scrape wrangling one of the chickens back into the pen. I tell you, this homesteading thing is not for the faint of heart!
I thought it had ended with my very wet trek to the chicken pen to coax the other two silly birds to use the new ramp and just get inside! The sky opened up with a vengeance while I was down with the chickens, and I had to hold over under the shop overhang for a moment for fear that an oak limb was going to come down on my head. Then, the sprint back up to the house.Soaked from head to toe, I had to remove all my clothes just inside the front door to avoid dripping through the house. But, alas, this was not the end! After I was all dressed and, thankfully, back in shoes, I went to the garage to get some candles for the inevitable power outage. We have lost power each day for the last four days. I stepped out onto the garage floor and noticed the cat was right there and acting strange. BECAUSE HE WAS SNIFFING THIS:
It was coiled up about an inch from my leapbeforeyoulook foot, and I screamed as I sprang back into the house and slammed the door. Then, Mr. Nature came running and we braved the wild kingdom together, armed with this Organic Spring Mix salad container. Hey, another use for saved containers - how eco-friendly are we now?Since this is the second snake of the same size and color we have found on our doormat in the garage since Tuesday (we know it is a different one because the tails were different on each), we are assuming hoping that the newly returned hunter, Striper, has been bringing us presents. Guess neutering didn't kill his drive, after all. And said presents are playing dead - until we are about to step on them. The alternative is that there has somehow sprung up a snake den in the garage, and that is just not an acceptable possibility. Because I said so.

And I am not putting my rubber wellies out there, either. Because I don't want to ever have to say that line that is the title of this post. Said unwanted snakes have been relocated to the north side of the property in the seasonal creek bed. No, we didn't kill them. They are probably good for killing something we don't want around. And now it is the end.

Except, what kind of snake IS that?

p.s. - there are three new shadow theatre videos on NatureWithMe's Youtube channel, but I warn you, they are not much more "polished" than the first.


*Stephanie* said...

I never had those tiny strawberries before. How do they taste? Looks delicious!
I am glad you didn't kill the snakes! Most people would in a heartbeat.
But I would be scared too with an unexpected surprise like that! I am not sure what type of snake it is though. Do you have poisonous ones where you live?

alexkeller said...

i don't leave shoes out in our garage because we get snakes, but also lizards, and scorpions! but my son loooooves Toy Story - i think i saw something recently about a 3rd one coming out!

Deb G said...

Ewww. Snakes are good for the garden, but I really don't like them. When I was a teenager I walked into my bedroom and noticed a snake curled up on my alarm clock. Not where you want one!

Sinclair said...

@ Stephanie: The strawberries are very good and sweet, but are a mini variety. So, it's like eating a chocolate chip instead of a candy bar.

The only poisonous snakes I know of here in my region are rattlesnakes, but I have never seen one around.