Friday, July 31, 2009

Featured Artist Friday

My featured artist today is Mr. Nature! He is multi-talented, and has been making needle felted sculptures to sell in his new Etsy shop. In addition, he has finally begun his blog, Nature Acre (see his badge on the right?).

So, meet the pixies whom you will soon see in the Etsy shop!
This little pixie has a secret, and he is looking to the sky as if to say "nothin' to see here, folks!"Will he share?This little damsel is bearing a gift, and she is looking forward to Christmas already!I love the beard on this Mr. Pixie! He doesn't care about combs and brushes; he just lets it stick out straight in front of him. He says it makes it all the easier to find his direction. And it keeps other pixies at beard's length.

Have a wonderful, whimsical weekend!



Anonymous said...

Cute pixies... Mr Nature is multi-talented, neat blog. Got here via a twitter comment.

I have added you to my Blogger's Cafe under Library 1 -Personal Blogs. Hope on over and check it out.


Nancy said...

Goodness, you are a talented family. Tell Mr. Nature he rocks.

Sinclair said...

Mr. Nature says Thank you! and he was very pleased that his work has been shared with you.