Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flower Magazine

Do you love flowers? I do. All kinds. I am not really marvelous at growing flowers, but I do have several hardy varieties around Deer Palace. Mostly, I require the kind that will grow despite neglect and abuse. Like geraniums, poppies, roses, irisis, daffodils, daisies, and some lilies. Let us not forget LAVENDER! Looking forward to the day when my hive bees will be using this floral playground to manufacture honey for the Nature Family.

Today, I was found by an assistant editor of Flower Magazine and asked if I might be willing to add a link from my blog to the magazine. (This is not a sponsored post.) One: I am flattered that she thought my blog to be a good fit with the magazine. Two: I would not link or endorse something I could not "get behind" myself, so I went to check it out. I had never heard of the magazine before.

Turns out, I will be happy to add the link, and I liked the magazine site so much that I am writing a little post about it so you all might find the beauty and serenity that I found there. This magazine has gorgeous photos, and very useful tips and information. I really liked this "sneak peak" from the current issue about flower arranging in a variety of vases. The magazine is a wonderful resource for wedding planning, and the current issue features a beautiful New Orleans inspired wedding.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Flower made its debut in March, 2007. It includes monthly "perennial" sections from how-to tips for the amateur to trade magazine information for professional florists and floral designers. I took the "What flower are you?" quiz from the home page, and I turned out to be:

You are an Iris!
The legend goes that when an ancient king found himself trapped between a river and the enemy, he cleverly used irises growing in the river as a guide to safety across the shallowest part of the river. Perhaps this is why the iris is now considered to be an emblem of wisdom. You are a rational and observant person, and therefore are an excellent problem-solver. You enjoy learning about how things work and often prefer to work alone. Independent, analytical, and a lover of learning, you stand out for your competence and intelligence.

This quiz has been taken 1358 times.
Your personality type matches 15.32% of the people who have taken this quiz.

What do you find irresistible at Flower Magazine?


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KayzKreationz said...

Oh, I will have to check out this magazine. I love flowers, gardening, etc. Everything to do with gardening. Thanks for posting the link. In fact gardening inspires a lot of my glass creations.