Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Earth Award

While I am reticent to follow a lot of rules concerning passing along tag awards, I am flattered when I receive one. I have received a new one created by Hyla at Green Earth Journey that I think is worthy of passing along. Thankfully, there are no rules other than post it and pass it on my blog to whomever I choose. Those awarded can pass it, or just note it, or just give a nod. Or do nothing. Easy peasy. I also really like the vibrant color and the translucent earth ball...

So, my picks for those who are living consciously and green are:

Reduce Footprints (of course, of the Change The World Wednesday challenges)

What I made Today (Walk in The Woods)

Bee Creative (always using plants and flowers for dyeing, and bikes and walks, and sharing the beauty infused in our lives via nature...)

Fast Grow The Weeds (organic gardening and other greenery)

These Days in French Life (living the slow life, and treading very lightly)


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