Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seedling Down, SEEDLING DOWN!

As mentioned, on Monday I put in my late seedlings of zucchini and pumpkin. Yesterday, they were very happily soaking up the filtered sun through the sunscreen covering that we use over new plants. They are protected by circles of wire fencing and then covered with the screen.

Mr. Nature was up early giving them a morning watering directly into the soil, since it has been getting warmer and warmer here, and the garden plants are parched by evening. At the noon hour, they were all happily reaching for the sky. In the early evening when we went to do the second watering, we found a catastrophe! Screen knocked down, two circles of wire cage knocked over, earth dug up in several places, CHICKEN SCRATCH TRACKS, AND:
Funny that they ate more of the paper peat pot than of the plant. Silly birds! An acre of succulent bugs, grasshoppers, grasses, weeds, wildflowers, breadcrumbs, and their coop supply of organic poultry food at their disposal, and they want to eat the SEEDLINGS?! I will be able to share much more of the bounty with them if they allow the plants to mature...

More heavy guarding is in order...scarecrow holding a big stick is in the works!


Michelle said...

Birds...ugh! lol This is why I don't even bother with planting a garden here, lol!

Stopping by from PR Friendly:) Just wanted to say Hi!

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

OOh I love scarecrows! us a picture when you get him done :)