Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Beneficial Insects Attack!

They may be good for the gardens, but wasps have been plotting a hostile takeover of Deer Palace, and they are taking no prisoners!

Monday, Amilia was brutally attacked in her little wading pool. She was minding her own business, playing with Schleich animals in the water, and STRIKE. She was stung on her third finger. The screams were heard across the land. Mr. Nature immediately went on the offensive.
It was a massacre! At least 20 wasps were dispatched, and several nests destroyed. They paid dearly.

Tuesday, Mr. Nature was the one caught off guard. He was out hunting chicken eggs (see Monday's post). He was looking in the Juniper bushes because Daisy (the chicken) had been spotted trying to find a nesting spot there. STRIKE! He was stung on the hand in a surprise aerial attack.

Tuesday night, Nature Boy was dive bombed in bed as he was minding his own business with his laptop. The eye witness report states that the wasp flew in and landed just under the bend of his knee. There it stung the soft flesh at the top of his calf just below the back of the knee. The attacker was gone again just as quickly, but it turned out to be a Kamikaze mission. Mr. Nature rooted out the guerrilla agents and dispatched them quickly and permanently. We are all in wonder at how it got in the house, and Nature Boy is sleeping on the couch until he is sure all enemy agents have been eradicated.

The apple cider vinegar, baking soda, ice, and hydrocortisone cream (used only as a last resort) have been getting a workout.

Reporting to you from the insect front.
(and hoping I can escape attack)


Deb G said...'s that time of year again. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ~ I feel so sorry for you guys. Stay safe.