Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Annual Big Indoor (Flea) Market Finds

I LOVE finding wonderful items to feather my already burgeoning nest. I am thrilled to browse aisle after aisle of vendor tables at any large sale of used, vintage, and antique items. On Sunday, the neighboring town had its annual indoor Flea Market, and I got Mr. Nature and his dad to go with me. Amilia is not keen on fleas, so she did not accompany us on this outing.Happily for her, I am always thinking of her every wish, so these items were scooped into my bag. Breyer horse, $3. VHS tape, $2. Puppies Golden Book from 1971, 25 cents. Baby Farm Animals Golden Book, 50 cents.

For me, a grand array of notions and knits:Everything you see in this picture, $3 (that is less than 20 cents per item!). From top left,
  1. Vintage Spitz pinking shears that work pretty well
  2. red crocheted baby bonnet (doll sized)
  3. pink and white knitted wrist warmers
  4. black and orange wrist warmers -- Halloween is coming...
  5. bells
  6. 4 wooden buttons
  7. little strawberry thimble holder, with thimble
  8. crocheted little teddy bear head
  9. blue zipper
  10. red and white fabric ribbon
  11. green scarf/belt holder
  12. felt holder for something the size of travel kleenex
  13. bias tape
  14. 2 packs of Milwards embroidery needles
  15. Japanese fabric ribbon
  16. a length of embellishment fabric ribbon
Emma loves her new hat!And, Mr. Nature and I have been looking at double sided safety razors so we could finally do away with plastic razors that require EXPENSIVE razor cartridges (with more plastic). He found us these:Neither looked like it had ever been used. They were in a box full of similar razors peddled by a very chummy elderly couple. Even so, we took them apart and sterilized them before use. Rubbing alcohol, then boiling water. The photo is taken indoors, so does not really do them justice. Now I will be researching how to recycle used razor blades. Mr. Nature says the shave is much closer, but one has to be V E R Y careful. Mine was $2.00 and his was $1.00. The box of 5 blades purchased at a local pharmacy? $1.99. Yay!

So, the grand total spent at the flea market for the day was $11.75. I am certain we will realize much more worth from these items than that sum. A good day was had by all.

The horse has been named Cinnamon.



Girl_Industries said...

What lovely treasures you found!

SLColman said...

Awesome finds!! Congrats! I love shopping at flea markets and such :)