Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy busyings

We have crammed many things into this day, and we are all winding down like little toy soldiers after dusk. Three eggs were collected, in addition to two cucumbers and one yellow squash. We visited a glass forge where we watched the artist making a set of drinking glasses in crimson and goldenrod. (I took my camera, but forgot to capture any images.) I purchased a pound of sea glass to use in future projects.

Weeding, mowing, raking, shoveling, and cleaning out the coop. Replacing the bedding with new straw. Welcoming my MIL home for an extended stay. Laundry. Cutting, peeling, and coring three pounds of tomatoes and making tomato sorbet (I promise to share the recipe and results soon). Putting out the porch swing cushions because it only threatened rain. Taking them back in again in case of overnight rain.

Rearranging furniture. Dinner and then cleaning the dishes and kitchen after. Watching a shadow theatre double feature. Watching Ratatouille. Knitting. Checking email. Writing this post.

Now, it is time to rest.

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