Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

Are you ready to change the world?

Here's this week's challenge from Reduce Footprints:

If you eat animal products, then for one full day eat only meatless meals ... go vegetarian. Dairy products & eggs are permissible ... but no other animal products. Or, if you are vegetarian full time ... then, for one full day, eat only vegan meals. No animal products whatsoever. And finally, if you are vegan, full time, write an article about why meatless meals are good for the planet and perhaps include your favorite recipe.

I just watched Fast Food Nation, so this is a timely challenge for me. I eat ZERO fast food. NONE. AT ALL. (Except Subway veggie delight sandwiches every now and then, but I don't consider a sandwich deli fast food, even though it is classifed as such.) I would add to this challenge that if you are an eater of fast food, forgo it for an entire week. All seven of these days.

We have been following a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for several years, though, as I have mentioned previously, a little fish creeps in now and then. I do it more for health reasons than animal rights reasons, but I also believe in animal rights. I like to say I gave up mad cow, bird flu, and our friend, E. Coli. I believe that a more sustainable and animal friendly manner of animal rearing should be employed. After seeing Fast Food Nation, I am even more satisfied with this choice to forgo meat.

Organically fed, free range, grass happy animals treated well in life and killed in a kosher manner by small farmers would yield much healthier meat than any large conglomerate could manage. I believe raw milk is better and healthier than processed corporate milk. I believe in small batch, local cheese by artisanal cheese makers. And I believe that the best possible sweetener on earth is raw honey.

Corporate greed and laboratory created Frankenfood are ruining our collective health, and if we engage in Food Renegade challenges and practices, we can make a difference. So, this week, I will go Vegan for one full day. I have a garden, and I can do it.

Can you?



Argentum Vulgaris said...

I think I can do it, i only had Macaroni Cheese for lunch, does beer tonight count? That's vegies.


SLColman said...

I live a dairy free wheat free life already so dropping meat for a day shouldn't be that hard!