Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

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How did you do with the challenge this week? I avoid chemical cleaners at home by using soap nuts for my laundry, and a lot of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar for other cleaning needs. I purchase my bar soap from Sappo Hill, a local soap maker that adds no crazy ingredients. Sometimes I use Natural Value biodegradable, perfume and dye free laundry soap and Attitude perfume and dye free dish liquid.

The place where I fell short was in the window cleaning department. I could have used vinegar, but we already had some window cleaner (purchased by another family member over a year ago) to use up, so I used it instead of vinegar. Oops!

On to this week's challenge:

Okay ... are you ready for a new challenge? This one combines a couple of suggestions made by amybyrd21 (aka waylandcook) at The Wayland Springs Cook. Here you go:

This week, turn your trash bin into the smallest container in the house by starting a compost bin and/or a recycle bin.

Or, if you're already a composter and recycler, write a post about it. Include information on what works for you and what doesn't, tips on how to be successful at it, and perhaps why it's preferable over sending stuff to a landfill.

Happy world changing!

Also, if you Twitter, please retweet this post and add the hashtag #changetheworldwed.

And, I am going to be adding the Honor Society to my posts about this as well:
Weekly Honor Society:

Gaia Tribe
Live Smart
See Why Kinsman
Tender Graces
Kathryn Magendie
Kelly's Ideas
Ann - from Last week's challenge


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