Monday, August 3, 2009

Coop Talk, and other stuff...

First, the other stuff:
Did you read Saturday's post? The one that I really didn't publish until Sunday morning? Then you know about the freak hail storm. So, here are some photos of damage done by that hail...Do you see that there are HOLES in the plastic swimming pool??? What more can I say? Luckily, we only lost a few tomatoes and peppers and leaves in the storm, and most plants were left relatively unscathed. To see a dark video (it was after dusk, but you can see some hail falling) and hear the hail storm, go to my YouTube video.

Now, Coop Talk:
Our first coop eggs were laid this morning because the chickens spent their first night in the coop last night. YAY! Olive still laid her egg in the ivy this morning, but Mary and Daisy laid in the coop nest box. This is the first day ever that we have received three eggs. This means that, though we have searched, we have not found the spot in which Daisy has been laying. And it means that there are probably at least a dozen eggs hidden somewhere on the grounds.
The coop took about 10 days to build, just working in the early morning or late evening hours to avoid the heat. Mr. Nature may not be a carpenter (I built the coop with my FIL, though I am also no carpenter), but he has been a roofer, so he will be roofing this afternoon with some 3-tab comp that was left from the last roofing of the house.Once the roof is in place, Amilia and I will be painting this evening, and will hopefully finish tomorrow morning. It is not the most professionally built house, but it is safe and functional, and it was more satisfying to build my own than to purchase one already assembled.Even though, in my haste, I did not measure the height of the roost on either end, and it has a slight tilt. The girls don't mind a bit. Now if I could only locate a hanging waterer as well!

Hope you are staying cool enough...

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Deb G said...

Wow that was some serious hail!

Coop looks great. I hope I get eggs soon. :)