Friday, August 14, 2009

Fight with the Cucumber Beetle, Part 1

...and other unpleasantries.
Here is the thing. I see blogs criticized (in comment sections) for making life look too perfect, and for somehow glossing instead of "sharing honestly" and I sometimes wonder at the perception I am putting forth.

I am very aware of ugliness, disorder, angst, worry, disdain, and outright meanness in the world. I ran across a site today that, in my opinion, is slandering artisans and their good names on purpose, simply because they may not be business savvy. Not everybody can be business savvy, and there is so much to know. I will not name names or give links. I remain disturbed, however, and I wish people would love their neighbors as themselves. Maybe they need to learn to love themselves first?

People have enough troubles these days just getting by and putting food on the table without the added worry of moles and pests digging into all manner of business that is not their own. I abhor the watchdog posture taken by some individuals against others for the sake of (insert pet cause here). It is time for people to stand together and help each other in any way possible, not to tear down and divide with self-righteousness.

So, with my blogs, I try to capture little snippets of the beauty and essence of being, and to send it your way through the Blogosphere. I am messy. I am a hoarder of bits and pieces and scraps and fabric and yarn and paper and books and pens and craft supplies and upcycling supplies and yard sale finds and all manner of other peoples' cast offs. But nobody wants to see my messy desk with piled paper and my piles and stacks of stuff. I try to keep them confined to one room.

I am sometimes impatient and irritable. I sometimes yell. I sometimes feel tired, discouraged and worried about the state of the world. Amilia whines. Sometimes incessantly. She has fears about all kinds of things, including monsters, aliens, germs, and many others stacked neatly in a box called "The Worry Box." Many of them came from those ridiculous Big Pharma commercials peddling all manner of hurtful sounding remedies for what might ail you. We usually severely limit television watching. Television does not promote beauty in the world. I choose to focus on the positive aspects of living, and to deny a voice to the negative whispers.

So, I am a regular person struggling to find and promote my purpose in this life. I want to spread beauty and thoughtfulness and a helping spirit. I want to do my best to love others as I love myself. I want to capture the admirable traits in others, and to allow serenity to flow through me to others. I want to help others with a positive perspective. I want people to be mindful of the feelings of others, and to give whatever gift they have to offer. Food, business understanding, tutorials, web designing, hats, blankets, clothing, knowledge, or just kindness.

I do sometimes have to address negativity in the world, such as I have about food safety and purity issues, as well as the dangers of certain plastics, non-stick coating, aluminum, and other household items. I want my blog to convey reality, but with a positive and inspirational attitude. I hope that others enjoy my messages of sharing and giving and thankfulness for blessings received.
Let's be like the honey bee and spread life giving pollen
instead of like the parasitic cucumber beetle
sucking the life out of its host.
I hope I am like the honey bee.


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