Saturday, August 29, 2009

Projects in Progress

In addition to my sock monkey for Craft Hope's project #4, I mentioned I was making hats, scarves, and unmaking a sweater. I am happy to say I have finished hat #2, and am ready to begin decreasing hat #3.Hat #3 actually began on size 9, 16" bamboo circular needles as a cowl of 100 stitches. (I am in need of longer circulars, but have not the funds at this moment to invest yet in a kit of interchangeables...they are on my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary list.) Mr. Nature likes it, and wants it for a hat. I think it will be a little loose as a hat once he wears it in a little, but it seems to fit okay right now. So, I have not yet decreased from 100 stitches and have to work out the math. Can you save me from miscalculation? If so, leave a comment with suggestions.Upon unraveling the sweater (which is a hand knit sweater), I found that it was not truly knitted in one piece. The upper portion was knitted as a single piece in a yoke design, and then the arms and torso were pieced onto it. So, I decided to keep the yoke portion intact as a capelet. I actually really like the way it looks, and Amilia loved it enough to parade it around herself the other night. With the cold weather coming, I will be able to wear it soon enough. In fact, I am wearing it now as I sit here with my coffee at my 50 degree computer. Mornings are chilly already!!
And, I have begun a skinnyish scarf to give as a gift this Christmas. I am already well on the way with Christmas plans because I am giving 98% handmade this year. The 2% is reserved for Amilia's list of requests, and my set of (KA Switch, bamboo) circular knitting needles (Mr. Nature, do you hear?).Wishing you all a beautiful, restful, and serene Saturday.


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Deb G said...

Looks great! I think that was a good idea to leave that yoke intact.