Thursday, August 20, 2009

Signs of Autumn crash Summer's Party

As I was braving the 102 degree heat yesterday to replace a sprinkler head and assess the development of the grapes on the vine, I happened to glance toward the sky. What greeted my eyes was not the clear blue sky and evergreenness (yes, I can coin that word if I want; it's my blog) of summer, but the fading oranges and crisp leaves of fall. Our maple tree is afflicted with the onset of season change.
And just like that, we are transported from the freewheelin' funlovin' carefree heat play of summer to thoughts of cocoa and woolies and the upcoming holiday season. To be honest, I have had my thoughts directed toward Christmas in theory, and have already begun the gift list and the knitting, but it was my choice to begin early and get ahead. I had not been told by the seasons that I had to get going and get thinking. Until today.
Last year, I was exhilerated by the first gold on the tree because it was our first year to experience an Oregon winter, and we wanted snow for Christmas. We were not disappointed. But this year, the spring was slow to get moving and the seedlings were delayed in growth. June was unseasonably cool, and remember that freak hail storm a few weeks ago that sent balls of destruction down on us? My tomatoes have only been red for four weeks, and my pumpkins have yet to appear on the vine.So, even though my wellies have their end of season holes and all of our outdoor work gloves are worn through in several fingers and Mr. Nature's pants are about to be relegated to the scrap bin, we have not had our fill of summer yet. I feel cheated, just a little.My porch swing still needs me, and Amilia isn't ready to abandon her bathing suit and camera yet.


Duni said...


We are just experiencing the hottest days of the entire year - finally :)
I'm not ready to face Fall yet!

have a nice day!


Lori at Jarvis House said...

This has been a very different summer on Long Island. We have just now gotten into the upper 80, and tickled the 90's. The rain just keeps on coming. My usually loaded Carpathian Walnut tree does not have any nuts on it and the leaves are also falling too early. There are no Butternuts on that tree either. Is it the weather or are they just resting up from last year's bounty? Isn't duct tape wonderful? Love your pictures.

Splendid Little Stars said...

totally in accord with you--on all counts!
You can invent any word you like. How did words get born anyway?!

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Still unseasonably cool here in the middle of the Utah desert. We have only hit 100 degrees 4 days now. And the temps are starting to fall at night. Fall is approaching and we feel like we didn't get our summer at all

Sinclair said...

Weather report said that we have had 13 days of 100 or over, and the norm is 8 days...but it has all seemed to yo-yo up and down so much that it hasn't been a typical summer in any way.

And, with the economy being so bad, many of the free concerts and community events were cut short, and some were not even offered this year.