Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes, all we can do

is lend our prayers. We were watching ballet in the park the other day, and a young mom down the way had a ferret in her lap. Amilia was trying to see where we were pointing trying not to point ("look there, past the elderly lady in the lawn chair who seems asleep with her hand dangling down?"), and even with her binoculars, was unable to see it. So my MIL walked her down to see. While Amilia was off to see the ferret, the elderly lady of the dangling hand collapsed and began to slide out of her chair.

Others around the lady helped the her to the ground, and she lay supine on the grass, unconscious. Quick dialing by her family and others brought a very fast response from ambulance personnel. Luckily, Amilia had been taken to the restroom after looking at the ferret and missed the whole event. The dancing was put on pause as the crisis unfolded. The lady was revived by EMT Paramedics, and was carried away on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance.

The ballet director then thanked the emergency responders and police who were present, as well as all those citizens who did what they could to help. From the rest of us, she asked for prayers. She told us the name of the woman, Mary, and asked that we place her at the top of our evening prayer list. I was happy to oblige. I have kept her on my prayer list for several days since.

Today, I was asked to add another woman to my list. This woman is the mother of three young boys. She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and will be undergoing treatment. I will be adding them to my prayer list as well.

Tonight, my mother called and told me that my stepfather, who has been feeling ill for several weeks, is in the emergency department of the local hospital. The exact nature of his illness has not yet been determined, but we are hoping for the best. We are hoping that it is something that can be fixed, and that he will be feeling better soon. They are 500 miles from me, so all I can do at this moment is pray for him as well.

I also regularly include ClayItAgain (and her ill husband) and Nie (and her family) of NieNieDialogues in my prayers.

Sometimes, we can share knowledge. Sometimes, we can make a sock monkey for charity. Sometimes, we can spread hope. Sometimes, we can give thanks for blessings received. Sometimes, we can share beauty. Sometimes, we can share magic.

And sometimes, we can just offer a prayer.


Deb G said...

All the best to your family Sinclair. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing what you can...

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Thank you so much for your prayers.