Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bicycles and Snack Totes, Oh My!

I am very happy to be able to share with you my thankfulness for the gifts I have received over the last few days. Amilia has been in need of a bicycle so she could graduate from tricycle to "big girl" bike. I have been eyeing these in stores since last summer. Those of you who live outside the cities in places where there are no sidewalks (as do we) will understand why she does not already know (at 5 1/2 years old) how to ride a bike.
But, bikes can be expensive, and I really prefer to purchase from an independent store if I can do so when making a purchase. Bikes from bike stores are even more expensive. So, we had not yet made a purchase. On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Nature and I went on one of our dates that I call a date and he maintains is not a date. He might be right, because I made him stop at a consignment shop so I could browse. And when I saw a bike at the curb on the OUTSIDE of the yard near what had obviously been a yard sale now closed, I pulled right over and he had to wait while I grabbed it up and knocked on doors to find the owner of the bike. It appeared that the owner was now Freecycling the bike, but I did not want to assume this, since there was no "Free - take me" sign. After 4 doorbells rung and two neighbors spoken to, I found the owner of the bike. And she said, yes, she was now giving away the bike. Yay for us! She told me the handbrake was unsafe and we would have to fix it before riding.

Turns out, the hand brake isn't even necessary because it has back pedal brakes as well. So, we took it to the local bike shop and got new brake pads (at least now both brake systems will work) and handlebar streamers, and we purchased and installed training wheels. We then took her to the park so she would have some room to ride. She loves it, and it "rides like a dream".And, yesterday this LunchBots Duo arrived in the mail from TheSoftLanding.com. I participate in an eco talk on Twitter on Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific time called #ecowed. Two weeks ago, I won this great stainless steel snack tin with stainless steel lid. I love it.We have gotten so used to paying throw away prices for plastics that it is difficult to get used to paying a little more for a quality product that was not created in "planned obsolescence". It is important to remember that quality, lasting products will often carry a somewhat higher pricetag, and that is okay. Thankfully, I didn't have to spend for this right now, but even in this economy, we can plan for purchases and make good choices. Like giving up plastics at every possible juncture. Thank you LunchBots and TheSoftLanding for furnishing an opportunity for me to receive this prize!
Cargo loves it as well. So sturdy!

From our neighbor, we were given a large bag of Japanese eggplant. This was wonderful because our eggplant did not ever thrive this year. We have very small, bug eaten plants. (sorry, not photo of these) And, more squash is on its way from Birdhouse Man.

I am thankful for these blessings.

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SLColman said...

That is awesome about the bike, tin, and eggplant!! What a great haul :)