Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

I am happy to report that I came into contact with NO styrofoam last week. I have in the past taken food home from a restaurant in it, but not so this week. I also do not purchase meat, so did not have to encounter it in the grocery cart, and use my own fabric coffee sleeve or my own thermos, so no styrofoam coffee cuffs were sent to a landfill.

This week is right up my alley! The challege this week is to PLANT SOMETHING.

Fall is a wonderful time to plant things ... trees, bushes, flower bulbs ... even cool weather vegetables. And, of course, there are always house plants. So this week, plant something.

Or ...

If you feel you'd like a little more of a challenge, then ... in addition to part one, write a post about fall planting. Include information on why it's a "good thing", which plants/crops grow best in cool weather, where to get them and how to plant them.

I am not planting a full fall garden, but I have beets already percolating under the earth, and am about to plant some herbs for my winter kitchen window box and lettuces on the west deck. So glad I now have extra incentive to get it done today.

What will you plant?



Lori at Jarvis House said...

Fall is also the time to clean out the gutters and fix any drainage pipes. I have been working my way around the Jarvis House and two barns, re-aligning the downspouts and digging trenches and dry wells. After that is all done I will reward myself by planting bulbs, and moving a few shrubs that grew too large for their original spots. Autumn on Long Island is the best! The weather here has been glorious.

Deb G said...

I got behind on starting a few things for a winter garden but I'm going to try to get some cauliflower in the ground. It winters over here very well. I am going to plant some lettuce, garlic and spinach. Should do that today.

Ratty said...

I wish I had enough room to plant something. If I did, I would plant tomatoes. I guess the time of year is wrong, but that's what I like.