Friday, September 4, 2009

Chicken culture

Olive (above) may not lay the largest eggs, but she has turned out to be the largest of our girls, and the family favorite. Coincidentally, she appears to be at the bottom of the pecking order. Mary, above with dried mud on her face, was the biggest from hatching until very recently. She was the first to get a comb (which is why we thought she might be Marty or Big Daddy) and she has always been the most forward and aggressive. She is not completely mean, but she makes it clear that Daisy is her gal pal and Olive is often a loner.

Daisy, not pictured, was the skittish one and the favorite of Amilia. Until she started getting more aggressive and picking on Olive, that is. And, until she started pecking Amilia's shoes with Amilia still in them. Yesterday, I saw Olive defer to Daisy by giving up the nest box when Daisy entered the coop. There are three boxes and three chickens, so there should never be a need for anybody to vacate, but they all seem to prefer just one of the boxes.So, Miss Olive is the farm fave, and Mr. Nature keep saying he is going to teach her how to jump to the top of the pecking order. That would be a feat to witness! But for now, all is well in the chicken world. With only three of them, we really don't see too much squabbling.

Three eggs a day has been wonderful to experience,
and I hope I never have to go without chickens again!
Who knew?



Deb G said...

Although we had chickens when I was growing up and I've been around my parents current chickens a lot, I never realized just how much fun they were going to be now. My three have their little squabbles but never very aggressive. I'm up to 4 eggs total, everyone hasn't started laying yet. said...

I don't know much about chickens, but I remember that my father used to raise Long Island Reds.

Loved reading about yours and how nice to have fresh eggs in the morning!

By the way, thank you for the stumble! :o)

Lori at Jarvis House said...

I wish I had the guts to have chickens! Our Town, Huntington, just passed an ordinance allowing people to keep chickens, but nor roosters. For the first time ever, I saw a red fox in my driveway, and my painter saw him a day or two before. He must have read the newspapers about keeping chickens. He was beautiful.

Sinclair said...

We have a couple of foxes and plenty of raccoons, but so far the girls have been safe. They are out in the gardens all day, and in the coop at night. Sometimes, the problems come when critters dig under coop runs and go in through the floor. We did not make a coop run (hoping not to need one), and our coop has a full floor, so it is secure. You should do hens, they are great! And it is soooo nice to have our own eggs. We do not have a rooster, either.

ecokaren said...

I wish I can have chickens. I grew up having chickens in my backyard and having fresh eggs any time we wanted.

I miss them.