Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fight with the Cucumber Beetle: TKO

I pulled out my cucumber plants today. The cucumber beetle won the match this time, and the remaining cucumbers were not worth eating. The plants have been in slow decline, and recently, the fruits began to display characteristics of having mosaic virus or some other ailment. So, they are up and on the burn pile. We live in a rural area where seasonal burning is permitted, and the ash from the pile is very good for the garden, so it completes a cycle. I am hoping that it does not transfer to my other plants. The cucumber beetles are now displaced, and might feed on the remaining garden...

On a happy note, above with Striper The Wondercat, you can see the 12 pounds of tomatoes harvested in the garden yesterday. I have four pounds dehydrating now, and have given two pounds away, and will freeze the rest (except those we are eating now). The garden is winding down, and the weather is getting cooler. I have finished my 25 ears of corn for the freezer, and it ended up yielding 8 pounds, 10 ounces of bagged corn. We are going to do 75 more ears, and then we will have enough to eat 1 bag a week for 26 weeks. On Friday, we will be picking more blackberries. Yum!

As the garden winds down, I am turning my thoughts to my winter activities of knitting, sewing, and papercrafts. I will be spending a LOT of my time and energy on my Sharing Our Gifts Across America project, and I might have some crossover posts about it here. It is my current opus.

Though I have struggles, I have been blessed in many ways over the course of my life. I want to pass that on, and help others. I don't have excess monetary wealth to share, so I have done small volunteer activities at times, but I wanted to do something bigger. Now I have begun.

If you are interested, join me!



Duni said...

That picture is really cute!
I'm sorry about your cucumbers though...
Despite the rather cool summer we've had, we've harvested plenty of tomatoes. So much so that we're giving them away to all our neighbours!

Deb G said...

Hooray tomatoes! Feels good to have all that food set aside doesn't it?

Sinclair said...

Yes, it really does!